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NEPTUNE - anal jewelry

NEPTUNE - massive beauty for anal pleasure. Of course, surgical stainless steel 35mm in size.

butt plug for anal sex



SILVER MOON - stainless steel anal toys

Head shape borrowed from the EVO, expanded stem and foot, giving the plug a new massive appearance. Completes rounded stone in the shoe. It's a really nice stainless steel jewel butt plug.

This gadget is erotic high-gloss polished and packed in a metal box lined with soft black material.

Our products come from the EU, not China.

Stainless steel butt plug - anal sex toy.



Classic + New Design = EVO

Beautiful and comfortable butt plug - Evo - stainless steel

The all-new model butt plug. The ideal stimulation cool metal. Sex is completelyirrelevant. Subtle shape and large decorative stone in several colors to choose from.

We combined two plugs: New Style and Classic to get the EVO. Offers this beautiful butt plug in two sizes - 30 and 40mm.
Our products come from the European Union, not China

The following comparison of the plugs: EVO and Classic



Jewel butt plugs - Pink Pyrex Glass

Stimulate the same, but for how they look. They are just beautiful. Their light weightmakes it easier to carry than a anal plug stainless steel. Thus, they are ideal fornovices. For advanced users, we recommend pink plugs in 35mm size. Course,are made of medical glass, so as not to cause allergies and do not accumulate inthe bacteria. It is very important due to the specific application.



New! Aluminium butt plugs


Two shiny aluminum colors - red and black in size 30mm. Lightweight, cool andvery smooth stone with seven colors to choose from. All butt plugs are made ​​of aluminum, of course, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. Welcome!

Our products come from the European Union, not China.



New Style - new form of stainless steel plugs

Jewel stainless steel butt plugs in new form!

Very interesting shape - a nice gentle entrance and exit.
The plugin is very nicely polished and smooth. Decorate her six stones subtle colors to choose from. Footer prevents accidental "getting lost in the abyss."
Butt Plugs - Stainless steel 30mm is an antibacterial product, does not cause allergies (because it's surgical steel), unified the material does not delaminate plug, beautifully polished to a nice weight of its own, giving the filling a nice feeling.

Our products come from the European Union, not China.



Glass anal toys for everyone!

Beautiful glass butt plugs. Subtle shape positively affect your experience. More than a dozen stone colors to choose from. For men and women. Start to wear it now!

These glass anal plug is an absolute novelty. They are handmade and medical safety glass. Each plug has a built stone jewelry. Thanks to an already erotic jewelry, and not just plug into butt.



Rosebud jewel butt plugs

Rosebud jewel butt plugs - stainless steel anal toys

High quality anal plugs are a kind of intimate anal jewelry and small dildo. These plugins are usually decorated with anal gemstones in the rear. Of course, these plugs are more expensive than plastic anal plugs. They are small works of art such as stainless steel chains, rings or other anal jewelry made of steel. Butt Plug is both jewelry and stimulator.
Our steel anal plugs are made entirely from surgical stainless steel, hand polished and decorated with stone jewelry. The entire unit is packaged in an exclusive metal gift box and can be a perfect gift.

We offer products for adults with medical glass and stainless steel. Each plug is specially designed to give as much pleasure and joy of playing while minimizing discomfort, especially for novice users. 

We make every effort to ensure that everycustomer is satisfied.